Jane Frere is a Scottish artist and theatre designer. Her current artistic work is experimental, making use of a variety of media including sculpture, sound and film. She began researching the theme of the Palestinian exodus – Al Nakbah – in 2004 and has since worked with Palestinian refugees over many years.

She devised The Nakbah Project, a collaboration involving hundreds of Palestinian refugees in camps in the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon. The project culminated in the installation Return of the Soul which opened at the Palestine Art Court, Al Hoash Gallery, East Jerusalem in May 2008 marking the 60 years since the Nakbah (“catastrophe” in Arabic) of 1948 when three quarter of a million Palestinians were forced to flee into exile. The installation received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Art Festival in 2008, and was shown at the Shams Theatre in Beirut, Lebanon, and the Darat Al Funun Gallery in Amman, Jordan.

Jane lived and worked as an artist in Greece for many years, before training in theatre design at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. She completed postgraduate studies at the Slade School of Art in London, where she was awarded the Leslie Hurry prize.

One of her earliest theatre designs, Women and War, focused on the plight of Bosnian refugees. She has designed both set and costume for productions in Europe and the United Kingdom.

She worked with Edinburgh arts doyen Richard Demarco in creating his European Art Foundation, enjoyed success over many years as a travelling producer of award-winning international theatre companies, and lectured for several years at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth.


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