Justin read Classics Greats at Oxford, and trained subsequently at Drama Studio London, graduating with honours in 1992, since when he has worked all over the world as a director, writer, actor and musician in a vast range of roles and productions in theatre, television, radio and film.

His epic play Scaramouche Jones, starring the Oscar-nominated, BAFTA-award winning actor Pete Postlethwaite, has been touring the globe since its launch at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2001, has won and been nominated for several awards, and been translated and produced in five other languages. In 2003 Justin wrote and directed the smash-hit satirical comedy The Madness Of George Dubya in response to the Iraq War. Hailed by The Guardian newspaper as the catalyst for the re-politicisation of British theatre, the show received unprecedented global media coverage, played to packed houses for five months in London’s West End, and along with its sequel A Weapons Inspector Calls, earned Justin the Fringe Report Best Political Dramatist Award 2003. The third in the trilogy, Guantanamo Baywatch, was produced in the West End in the run-up to the November ’04 US Presidential election.



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One Response to “Justin Butcher, writer/director”

  1. Jarrid K. Looney Says:

    Dear Justin,

    It is my great hope that you are THE Justin Butcher who created the minimally documented “Breaking Strain.” I know that it has been six years since you worked on this project, but I have great interest in it as a piece of cultural lineage.

    My name is Jarrid K. Looney, I am a Ph.D. student writing a thesis upon recent adaptations of the Phaedra/Hippolytos tale under the supervision of Edith Hall. As your work has been so minutely recorded with the Archive of Performance of Greek and Roman Drama, I am hoping to make some form of contact with you. It would be to the highest use to me if I would be able to see a copy of the text for strictly academic use. If this would be possible, please let me know.

    Jarrid K. Looney

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