Ahmad Masoud 


Ahmed is a Palestinian researcher and writer. He grew up in Gaza. When he was offered a place in London to continue his studies he packed his bags up, went to the Rafah border crossing into Egypt  and waited three days to be allowed to leave.


He arrived in the United Kingdom in 2002 to finish his PhD in Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


He has revelled in the opportunities to work in theatre whilst studying and has worked front of house and backstage in West End theatres including Haymarket, Drury Lane, Garrick.


In 2006 he formed Al Zaytouna Palestinian Dance and Theatre company to present Palestinian culture to audiences in the U.K. Ila Haifa (staged on 08/09/10 May 2008 received earned an applause from many critics. (see www.alzaytouna.org/ )


Ahmed has also published several articles in journals and newspapers (including ‘9/11 and Reconstructing Palestinian Identity’, This Week in Palestine, issue No. 130, February 2009)). He has just finished writing his first novel, Gaza Days, which tells the story of two young boys growing up in times of conflict. Selected chapters can be found on his website www.ahmedphd.org/


He wonders whether he will ever be allowed back into Gaza to see his family as the Rafah crossing is now almost continuously shut by Israel. To learn more, read Ahmad’s article ‘The Phantom of Gaza’ This Week in Palestine, Issue No. 130, February 2009 http://www.thisweekinpalestine.com/


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